mind-muscle connection

The mind-muscle connection is becoming conscious of the squeeze of muscle in every rep of your workout.

In a simple way to understand, this is a phenomenon based on focus because where you place your focus is where you place energy so for the growing more muscle you have to build mind muscle connection . MMC is a difference between ordinary workout and an extraordinary workout.

5 tips tips improve mind-muscle connection

1. Warm-Up Before Training

Some people jump into their workouts when they reach the gym. You should allow your body enough time to warm-up and get ready for the exercises. One of the best ways to warm-up for resistance training is to stretch out your muscles and warm up the joints.

Other than priming your muscles for your workout, warming up before training helps in circulating blood to the muscles. Warming-up before training can help you experience a better mind-muscle connection.

2. Visualize

You can watch the muscles working when you are training in front of a mirror.

Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be a big believer in visualization and felt it helped him maximize his physique when he was in his prime winning Olympias against the likes of Sergio Oliva Sr. and Lou Ferrigno. When he trained biceps, he visualized them as mountains and would see them grow with each rep. At his peak, his upper arm measured close to 23 inches so you can’t argue the results.

3. Warm Up Sets on Each Exercise

Do few warm-up sets (high reps of 15-20) with a very low weight. Close your eyes and concentrate on your target muscles. Concentrate on “squeezing” the weight and pause for a moment at the point of maximum contraction.

4. Perform The Exercise Very Slowly

This method is very for increasing time under tension but it is also a good way to improve your mind-muscle connection. Performing the reps slower helps you feel the muscle working and stretching from start to finish.
Take 4 or 5 seconds for each of the concentric and eccentric parts of the repetition.

5. Flex Your Target Muscles In Between Sets

This forces additional blood into your muscles, pumping them up further. You are more aware of your muscles when they are fully pumped, which makes it easier to mentally isolate them.

I am fitness expert and mind trainer and I am giving you valuable information about how can you use your mind and body coherently and make your life full of joy, peace, harmony.

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