How our body stores fat

Hi, welcome to my website fitnessorigin today we came up with our new article how our body stores fat. Before going to this question how to burn body fat you have to know what is stored body fat? And how fat stored in our body?

So in this article, we came up with the deep answers of above questions.

How and why our body stores fat?

Fat is the body’s most concentrated source of energy, providing more than twice as much potential energy as carbohydrate or protein.

When we eat carbohydrates than our stomach breaks that carbohydrates into glucose

And this glucose goes in our bloodstream and you burn glucose through energy or your body stores glucose into glycogen.

This stored form of glucose is called glycogen. Glycogen is like your backup fuel.

Are you curious to know What will happen if backup fuel is full or deplete?

Do carbohydrates make you fat

Let’s understand how fat stores in the body with an example:

You ate carbs in the first meal means ( brown rice, oats, potato, cereals or anything of carbs source )and carbs went in your bloodstream then it converts into glucose.

And you didn’t burn this glucose into energy means you are in resting mode then this glucose stored as glycogen.

Then you took second meal it also included carbs and the same process occurred and your stored glucose into glycogen.

And your glycogen tank (backup fuel) are going to fill.

And in the same way, you took a third meal, fourth meal, fifth meal etc and after all, now your glycogen tank is full.

You do exercise or don’t do exercise doesn’t matter if you consume high carbs and your glycogen tank is already full and you have taken carbs every day and what will happen now? SPILLOVER or OVERFLOW.

Glucose will not store in the form of glycogen because energy tank is full.

And this extra glucose will store in the form of fat.

So glucose will either burn in energy or store in the form of glycogen or store as fat.

And fat cell has started to create in your body and this process is going on day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year.

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